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Here is some useful information that may help you when looking for a commercial real estate space to lease or buy. It is important to identify the key elements that would be needed for your specific business when looking for a space to lease. Although location does play a major role in a company's success, keep in mind the type of area you want to establish your business and how it will cater to your needs.

Leasing Hints

Parking Space
Parking lots are necessary to provide accessibility in the free flow of customers, not to mention employees.

Conference Room / Private Office / Showroom
Does your business need a separate nook for negotiations, interviews, and meetings?

Retail Area
Think about the size of the retail space that is needed and the type of products on display. Space is important when considering the retail area and how much is needed for customers to roam.

Warehouse / Manufacturing Space
Areas to be used as storage for a multitude of things: warehouse, retail back stock, paperwork, office equipment, etc.

There are some office buildings that practice energy conservation by shutting off the air-conditioning at night. If you need a place with dedicated A/C where you can work at different hours, day and night, consider this.

Since location is important, do consider the environment surrounding your area of choice: Are cities important for your business location where busy streets can bring in potential customers? Is working close to home or near certain sites like beaches or schools an important factor? Or is a decent and accessible office/warehouse space all you need?

Lease Terms
From the first couple of years of starting out to renegotiating the lease, figure out what lease term is good for you and your business in the location of choice.

Liability Insurance
After thinking of all the elements needed when finding a space to lease, try considering financing things such as liability insurance that is required before setting up shop.

Budget Hints:

Another important aspect in finding the right location for your business is to calculate your budget. When estimating a possible budget you might overlook these important items:

Monies needed for printed material, signs, ads, etc.

Businesses need to function with the little things that keeps companies organized such as paper, cleaning, and office supplies.

Communications / Utilities / Insurance / Repairs
To keep a business running smoothly budget-wise, do not neglect the important things that eventually add up in the long run.

Remember your employees' pay and hours and the possibility of overtime.

Extra Fees
Expect unexpected bills and extra fees such as the Common Area Maintenance (CAM).

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