Glossary for SN Realty Real Estate

Below is a list of terms and definitions related to commercial rentals. For more details on real estate, call our company with questions or concerns.

Common Area Maintenance

Added fee for any maintenance needed on the premises plus garbage fees.

Triple Net Lease (NNN)

The tenant or lessee will pay in addition to a fixed rent, all costs, expenses and obligations relating to the premises (i.e. taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, cleaning, etc.)


B-1 Business - Neighborhood
The intent of the B-1 neighborhood business district is to provide relatively small areas that serve the daily retail and other business needs of the surrounding population. It is intended that this district be generally applied to areas within or adjacent to urban residential areas, along local and collector streets, but not along major travel routes or on a large-scale basis. It would also be applied to rural and urban fringe town centers, which may or may not be located along major travel routes. (Taken from Land Use Ordinance, May 1999, Sec. 21-3.110 (b))

B-2 Business - Community
The intent of the B-2 community business district is to provide areas for community-wide business establishments, serving several neighborhoods and offering a wider range of uses than is permitted in the B-1 district. The intent is to apply this district to areas conveniently accessible by vehicular and pedestrian modes and served by adequate public facilities. Typically, this district would be applied to lots along major streets and in centrally located areas in urban and urban fringe areas. (Taken from Land Use Ordinance, May 1999, Sec. 21-3.11(c))

BMX-3 Business Mixed Use - Community
The intent of the BMX-3 community business mixed use districts is to provide areas for both commercial and residential uses outside of the central business mixed use district and at a lower intensity than the central business mixed use district. Typically, the district would be applied to areas along major thoroughfares adjacent to B-2, BMX-4, A-3, AMX-2 and AMX-3 zoning districts. It is also intended that it be applied to areas where the existing land use pattern is already a mixture of commercial and residential uses, occurring horizontally, vertically or both. (Taken from Land Use Ordinance, May 1999, Sec. 21-3.120 (b))

BMX-4 Business Mixed Use - Central
The intent of the BMX-4 central business mixed use districts is to set apart that portion of Honolulu which forms the city's center for financial, office, and governmental activities and housing. It is intended for the downtown area and not intended for general application. It provides the highest land use intensity for commerce, business and housing.

I-1 Industrial - Limited
The intent of the I-1 limited industrial district is to provide areas for some of the industrial employment and service needs of rural and suburban communities. It is intended to accommodate light manufacturing, including handcrafted goods as well as "high-technology industries" such as telecommunications, computer parts manufacturing, and research and development. Uses in this district are limited to those that have few environmental impacts and those that complement the development scale of communities they would serve. (Taken from Land Use Ordinance, May 1999, Sec. 21-3.130 (d))

I-2 Industrial - Intensive
The intent of 1-2 intensive industrial district is to set aside areas for the full range of industrial uses necessary to support the city. It is intended for areas with necessary supporting public infrastructure, near major transportation systems, and with other location characteristics necessary to support industrial centers. It shall be located in areas away from residential communities where certain heavy industrial uses would be allowed. (Taken from Land Use Ordinances, May 1999, Sec. 21-3.130 (e))

I-3 Industrial - Waterfront
The intent of the I-3 waterfront industrial district is to set apart and protect areas considered vital to the performance of port functions and to their efficient operation. It is the permit a full range of facilities necessary for which are not only inappropriate but which could locate elsewhere. (Taken from Land Use Ordinances, May 1999, Sec. 21-3.130 (f))

IMX-1 Industrial - Commercial Mixed Use
The purpose of the industrial-commercial mixed-use district is to allow mixing of some industrial uses with other uses. The intent of this district is to provide for areas of diversified business and employment opportunities by permitting a broad range of uses, without exposing non-industrial uses to unsafe and unhealthy environments. To a limited extent, some residential uses shall be permitted. (Taken from Land Use Ordinance, May 1999, Sec. 21-3.140 (a))

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